Seven years ago Bryan Martin was asked to write a small weekly column for The Canberra Times about food, with an emphasis on men doing the cooking – even without involving a barbeque!

Somewhere along the way this 300 word contribution evolved into a weekly full page exposition of paddock to plate eating, knowing where your food comes from, weaved in with reflections on his life journey, including the issues of getting older – of which there are many.

On holidaying in Byron Bay:

“Riding flat out with the wind behind you and a couple of cocktails under the belt is one of the most exhilarating legal experiences a fifty year old can have”

On revisiting St Kilda’s food scene:

“We used to come here all the time years ago before mortgages, kids and excess neck skin”

On self-sufficiency:

“I know I’ve been here before, bare-assed, protecting my 40 acres”

In collaboration with photographer David Reist, they have put together a year of their particular take on local produce and food, capturing the raw almost primal beauty of cooking.


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